Sorcery Addon

Sorcery (20 Points)

Sorcery is the ability to use your will to effect reality through the use of spells and rituals. All sorcerers bind there abilities to some sort of power, such as the Pattern, Logrus or Trump.

Power Source

Your power source often dictates how effective a spell might be in different areas. A sorcerer with the Pattern as a power source will generally be most effective near Amber, while least effective near Chaos. At more advanced levels of sorcery it is possible to design spells that take advantage of various effects certain powers have. Such as a pattern spell being able to create a shadow path.

Hanging and Casting Spells

Spells take a lot of time and effort to cast, more time than is generally convenient when a spell is desired. Because of this, sorcerer’s generally cast there spells in advance, leaving just a few phrases out known as lynchpins, which when invoked complete the spell.

Hanging Spells
Characters generally hang there spells on an item of power, or perhaps the power itself. The standard number of spells a sorcerer hangs is twelve. These spells must be maintained every day lest they break down. And if the spells are cast they must be re hung.

A lynchpin is a vital word to a spell, left unsaid so that the spell may be completed when desired. A lynchpin generally takes three to five seconds to say. Most Lynchpins are parameters, such as a “Target” Lynchpin for a bolt of lightning. When the target is defined the spell is cast. More complicated or energy intensive spells such as teleports, often require additional lynchpins just to hold the spell together.

Sorcery Addon

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