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Items can be either items of power of some kind, or magical creatures. Items that you pay points for are never mundane things, they are things that are part of your character’s legend. If you lose an item you’ve paid points for and you have the ability to walk through shadow you will always be able to find it again.

Items are purchased by tier, each tier costs four points. There is no hard and fast item generation system, players submit item ideas and the tier they’d like them to be to the GM for approval.

Tier 1 – (4 points) An item that is inherently magical or has some small useful power.
Tier 2- (8 points) This item is magical and has two minor powers or perhaps one more substantial power
Tier 3- (12 points) This is an item of real power, it may have a mind, it can likely do multipe things related to a specific area
Tier 4 (16 points) An item infused with reality, an artifact of value, very rare likely and possibly not all of its abilities are understood. It has impressive powers.
Tier 5 (20 points) An item with multiple impressive powers, this item is beginning to mimic the value of actual powers for a person.
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