• Planet shape: Round
  • Amber Relevant Time: ???
  • Tech Level: Considered mid-level on the technology-front; most ‘advanced’ technologic advances run by magics
  • Magic: Extremely high-level energy for magics to draw from.

General Information:

Garithe is, essentially, a floating fortress amongst the tallest mountains of the shadow. It is a development of ancient mystics, a great tiered city which was lifted with the ground beneath it high into the skies by powers that have fallen into the forgotten. While from the outside it may look as if the city is in ruins, and in hopeless disrepair, those who call Garithe home know better. Some magic has been weaved to hide Garithe’s true impressive appearance, to keep unwanted wanderers from gaining interest, should they find a way to reach the city. Though it may look derelect and abandoned, it truly is a great, still thriving city.

Long ago, massive bridges of stone reached across the gaps, connecting the city in an intricate weave of roads and ramps. Now, some of those connections have crumbled and the inhabitants of Garithe have learned to adapt quite well. There are several forms of magics learned within the Temple, taught to a select few who have the strength to complete their trials and the diligence to continue with their studies.

The Five Elders control the kingdom and the Council enforces their judgement, and their laws.

(More to be added on. // Work in progress.)


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