Echoes of the Storm

Session 4: The Black Knight

After hearing disturbing rumors about someone who appeared to be Eric of Amber fomenting rebellion under the guise of a Black Knight, Evelyn and the recently arrived Anvoros headed to Dedenril to determine the accuracy of the rumors. On the way from Talderan they were attacked by Werewolves, whom they successfully drove off. During the fight they were joined by Gwen, who came looking for Anvoros to inform him that Queen Moirre of Rebma was not feeling terribly forgiving and was threatening war against Amber.

With Gwen in tow, Anovros and Evelyn continued to Dedenril, where they got caught up in an uprising, defeating a local Baron. Shortly after the Black Knight arrived and spoke with them. The conversation was quite unsettling for both Anvoros and Evelyn as the black knight had no memories of being Eric, but had evidence to support that he may very well be. As well as adding fuel to the idea that Caine himself may also be alive.

Session 3a: A visit to Rebma

While Dreyse and Mahya prepared to investigate the golden circle kingdom of Talderan, Evelyn and Rhoswen learned from Gwen that something dire may be happening in Rebma, and any attempts to trump Llewella resulted in swirling colors and loss of consciousness if pressed to long. Evelyn and Rhoswen agreed to accompany Gwen to investigate the situation.

At the same time, Anvoros returned from his investigation of the Shadow Storm and with him came Boden, Julian’s son, who had traversed the shadow storm with Brand. After hearing about the possible danger to Rebma, they also agreed to accompany Gwen.

In Rebma they found an unsettling situation, a man named Luthaer claimed to be both Llewella’s son and the king of Rebma. None of the Amberites were amused at this and Boden and Luthaer came to blows over the matter, in which Boden was victorious but was captured by a red haired woman named Adelie, who claimed to be Eric’s daughter.

Anvoros successfully rescued Llewella while Evelyn bargained for Boden’s release in exchange for an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Eric’s corpse. Not satisfied leaving Luthaer in charge of Rebma and possibly using it as a staging point to invade Amber, a raid was lead into Rebma to capture Luthaer and Adelie. Adelie willingly accompanied Evelyn, though her manner may have been described as somewhat less than pleasant. Unfortunately in the process of capturing Luthaer, significant wounds were made on Moire queen of Rebma, the long term effects of the assault on the Queen of Rebma are uncertain.

Session 2: Dark Tribute

Some time has passed since the storm passed over Amber, and reports are beginning to filter in from the Golden Circle. The shadows that the storm has passed over were changed, but not unrecognizably so. Our story begins on a balcony dinner overlooking the sea.

As the fourth generation discussed recent events, in particular the mysterious disappearance of Anvoros, Llewella came with a task. She requested that they head to the western gate of Amber, and recieve tribute from the delegation of Talderan.

Little did anyone suspect that the yearly tribute this year, delivered by Baron Bryce of Talderan, would not consist of gold but rather the head of the ambassador bloodying the very flag of Amber. Righteously angered, the scions of Amber engaged the Talderans, taking the Baron and several of his men captive.

After interrogating the baron, it was learned that a Veera, a mysterious sorceress with no history in the golden circle had married the King of Talderan and began to incite the nation against Amber. With Amber’s armies weakened, war was not an option so Gerard handed the task of investigating and punishing Talderan to our heroes.

Session 1: The Storm Begins

The elder Amberites had all left, crossing the universe of shadow to wage war against the Courts of Chaos, and leaving only Gerard behind to take care of life in Amber. Immediately after their withdrawal, a massive shadow-changing storm began, emanating from Castle Amber itself and spreading outward to engulf the surrounding Golden Circle.

Our story begins right as that storm began gathering, with Lord Anvoros and Lady Rhoswen of Amber in a meeting with Lord Gerard of Amber on a balcony overlooking the city below. Gerard commissioned them to gather in some of the younger generation, bringing them to the safety of Amber and to its defense if necessary.

Taking Anvoros’ skiff, the Thalassa, the two of them crossed shadow and ocean to Kavaren, a Golden Circle port. They barely beat the storm front. Through lashing rain and wind the two hurried to the castle and found their cousins Lady Evelyn and Lord Dreyse just taking shelter from the storm. The four of them then decided to flee into shadow and and then to make their way to Amber, however Anvoros had left his man Orleyan back on the Thalassa and needed to rescue him.

Luckily, just before the worst of the weather destroyed them, and thanks to Dreyse’s control of shadow, they rescued Orleyan just as another cousin, Mahya, trumped them to safety in her shadow. But the storm was there as well! Deciding to regroup and discuss things with Gerard, the five Amberites quickly trumped back to Amber, where safety and sanctuary were promised.


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