[Daughter of Random...]



A young woman with long blonde hair falling loosely about her shoulders is pictured. Her dress is dark, portions of the sleeves sheer. She sits calmly, arms folded and braced against her elevated knee. Her head is tilted, studying the viewer with an appraising look, hazel eyes holding a studious gaze, as if patiently awaiting an answer to a question.


Rhoswen is the daughter of Random, the youngest son of Oberon.

Rhoswen grew up in shadow, in a land known as Garithe. It is a monumental city, though by all appearances it’s days of glory are long past. To the unknowing eye, Garithe was nought but a crumbling ruin of an ancient, expansive city, mounted upon great floating masses of earth, suspended high in the heavens. However, to Rhoswen, it was a bustling, energetic home.

Her mother, Aryana, passed away when she was only ten years of age, leaving Rhoswen a supposed orphan in Garithe’s society, automatically submitting her to the hands of Garithe’s Elders. They placed her in the care of the Council, a group of five chosen members of Garithe’s society, in charge of the Temple. In the following years, Rhoswen proved to be a quick study and a dutiful pupil, and as a reward, she was allowed to begin her dabblings in the energy that surrounded their city.

Throughout the years, Rhoswen studied hard, and in the end was able to fashion her very own form of magic, something that she personally created and manifested. And as time went by, she had by all rights, mastered her new abilities. At the age of twenty-seven, she was then asked to begin aiding the next generation of pupils. She did well as a teacher, helping the students acheive their own unique abilities.

Several years later was when Rhoswen met her father Random. He took her through shadow, to Amber, instructed and trained her as best he could, preparing her for Amber life and, more importantly, the Pattern.

At seventy-two, Rhoswen walked the pattern, and succeeded, returning home to Garithe for several years, where she reforged old bonds, and learned more about the nature of her homeshadow. Along the way, she made several new friends, the most notable, her friend Eliana, who has accompanied Rhoswen on her return to Amber. Several decades have gone by since, the pair often together, either in the courts, or out exploring shadow.


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