Echoes of the Storm

Session 4: The Black Knight

After hearing disturbing rumors about someone who appeared to be Eric of Amber fomenting rebellion under the guise of a Black Knight, Evelyn and the recently arrived Anvoros headed to Dedenril to determine the accuracy of the rumors. On the way from Talderan they were attacked by Werewolves, whom they successfully drove off. During the fight they were joined by Gwen, who came looking for Anvoros to inform him that Queen Moirre of Rebma was not feeling terribly forgiving and was threatening war against Amber.

With Gwen in tow, Anovros and Evelyn continued to Dedenril, where they got caught up in an uprising, defeating a local Baron. Shortly after the Black Knight arrived and spoke with them. The conversation was quite unsettling for both Anvoros and Evelyn as the black knight had no memories of being Eric, but had evidence to support that he may very well be. As well as adding fuel to the idea that Caine himself may also be alive.


AshenHaze AshenHaze

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