Echoes of the Storm

Session 3a: A visit to Rebma

While Dreyse and Mahya prepared to investigate the golden circle kingdom of Talderan, Evelyn and Rhoswen learned from Gwen that something dire may be happening in Rebma, and any attempts to trump Llewella resulted in swirling colors and loss of consciousness if pressed to long. Evelyn and Rhoswen agreed to accompany Gwen to investigate the situation.

At the same time, Anvoros returned from his investigation of the Shadow Storm and with him came Boden, Julian’s son, who had traversed the shadow storm with Brand. After hearing about the possible danger to Rebma, they also agreed to accompany Gwen.

In Rebma they found an unsettling situation, a man named Luthaer claimed to be both Llewella’s son and the king of Rebma. None of the Amberites were amused at this and Boden and Luthaer came to blows over the matter, in which Boden was victorious but was captured by a red haired woman named Adelie, who claimed to be Eric’s daughter.

Anvoros successfully rescued Llewella while Evelyn bargained for Boden’s release in exchange for an investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Eric’s corpse. Not satisfied leaving Luthaer in charge of Rebma and possibly using it as a staging point to invade Amber, a raid was lead into Rebma to capture Luthaer and Adelie. Adelie willingly accompanied Evelyn, though her manner may have been described as somewhat less than pleasant. Unfortunately in the process of capturing Luthaer, significant wounds were made on Moire queen of Rebma, the long term effects of the assault on the Queen of Rebma are uncertain.


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