Echoes of the Storm

Session 2: Dark Tribute

Some time has passed since the storm passed over Amber, and reports are beginning to filter in from the Golden Circle. The shadows that the storm has passed over were changed, but not unrecognizably so. Our story begins on a balcony dinner overlooking the sea.

As the fourth generation discussed recent events, in particular the mysterious disappearance of Anvoros, Llewella came with a task. She requested that they head to the western gate of Amber, and recieve tribute from the delegation of Talderan.

Little did anyone suspect that the yearly tribute this year, delivered by Baron Bryce of Talderan, would not consist of gold but rather the head of the ambassador bloodying the very flag of Amber. Righteously angered, the scions of Amber engaged the Talderans, taking the Baron and several of his men captive.

After interrogating the baron, it was learned that a Veera, a mysterious sorceress with no history in the golden circle had married the King of Talderan and began to incite the nation against Amber. With Amber’s armies weakened, war was not an option so Gerard handed the task of investigating and punishing Talderan to our heroes.


AshenHaze AshenHaze

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